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HP Fan Fiction and Other Stories by Voz

Getting Drunk
Death At The Door
Meet Me
Till Death Do Us Part
Death At The Door

Warnings :
The following text contains domestic violence on juviniles, crude language, crude symbols, and harsh lyrics.
                PG - 13

Death At The Door
I'll be coming home, just to be alone 
Cause I know you're not there 
And I know that you don't care 
I can hardly wait to leave this place 
Thud. The sound of a woman
                                    crying could be heard in the bedroom 
Celeste sat, listening to the sound of hate bouncing off her
No matter how hard I try 
                                    never satisfied 
This is not
                                    a home 
                                    NEVER LISTENED TO ME, MARK! YOU BASTARD!”
I think I'm better off alone 
You always disappear 
Even when your here 
This is not
                                    my home 
I think I'm better
                                    off alone 
                                    you NEVER,” pound, “EVER talk BACK to

                                    me that way, BITCH!”
Home, this house is not a home 
                                    this house is not a home 
By the time you come home 
I'm already stoned 
You turn off the TV 
And you scream
                                    at me 
                                    can’t get a GOD DAMN MINUTE OF PEACE IN THIS
                                    can hardly wait 
Till you get
                                    off my case 
No matter how hard I try 
You're never satisfied 
This is not a home 
I think I'm
                                    better off alone 
Crash. Glass broke. “Mark, YOU LEAVE HER OUT OF IT!”
You always disappear 
Even when your here 
This is not my home 
I think I'm
                                    better off alone 
                                    OFF OF ME, BITCH!
Home, this house is not a home
Home, this house is not a home
Home, this house is not a home
Home, this house is not a home
                                    Mark came slamming in through the door, startling Celeste. 
She knew what came next. He picked up the CD
                                    player and threw it 
                                    the room and walked over to Celeste.  “I THOUGHT I told you
 to keep that GOD DAMN THING OFF!” Smack.  Celeste
                                    fell to the 
                                    and didn’t move.
I'm better off alone 
No matter how hard I try 
You're never satisfied 
This is not a home 
I think I'm
                                    better off alone
                                    started to beat his daughter uncontrollably. 
Margaret could be heard screaming in the background, 
                                    at him to stop.
You always disappear
Even when your here 
This is not my home 
I think I'm better off alone 
Home, this house is not a home 
                                    this house is not a home 
Home, this house
                                    is not a home 
Home, this house
                                    is not a home 



Home sweet home; yeah…right.’  Celeste thought.



Chapter Two:  Broken Hearted Girl


               Brrrrrrring! School kids sped up to get to class before they were late. Everyone was chatting and trying to finish their conversations. In the hallway, people crowded and pushed their way ahead, while others just lacked behind. People made out in the corners, and teachers and security were ushering everyone to their respective rooms. No one seemed lonely, no one seemed out of place, and everyone was “fine”. Somewhere down the hall a fight broke out and people tried to break it up, only ending up getting hurt themselves. People tried to keep their distance from those where were different. It was a normal high school, with normal people, with normal days. It is amazing what can hide under “normal”. That’s what Celeste was thinking as she walked into her first class and zoned out. She was tired, aching, bruised, hurt, and she felt like she could kill a person on a whim. Her body broken from the night before, she dressed in black to hide herself. Someone passed a note to her as the bell rang. She looked and saw that it was from her boyfriend, James. Lightened, her heart felt a ray of hope and relief. She opened it.



How are you? I wanted to talk to you about something, but I felt it best written on paper. Yesterday, I went out to Papa’s Philly Grill, hoping that their food would be better then Mam’s. Well, you remember your friend from seventh grade, Gabrielle? She was there too. We, well, we started talking, and we started liking each other. Celeste, I want to break up. I don’t know where you were last night, but now I have Gabrielle. Besides, you get so secretive, and I never feel like a boyfriend to you. She’s open, you know?


Best Regards,



               Celeste looked over. James looked over with a look of anger and flicked her off. ‘What a great way to start a day.’ She gathered her books and left class. Today was going to be different. Today, Celeste thought, was going to be better. James tried to catch up with her, he never expected her to walk out of class like that.

               “Celeste, wait! Why did you just walk out like that? What’s wrong with-” He saw the black eye and bruise on her cheek. “What happened to you, Celeste? Why are you hurt on your face?”

               She looked at him. Payback time, guilt trip, she didn’t know. But what she did know was that this time she wouldn’t hide or lie. He was about to be on the receiving end of her anger.

            “You want to know where I was last night, James? Why I couldn’t come eat with you? Well I’ll tell you, Mr. James Eduardo Perez, I’ll tell you why I’ve been so secretive. Why I like to not talk about my home life. My father beat me last night. Get that look off of your face. He almost killed my mother, then he beat on me. Don’t worry, though, I’m sure GABRIELLE won’t have the same problem! Are you glad you got out of my mess now? Sure you are. No one wants a girl who gets beaten every fucking night by her drunken father! Bye, Mr. Perez. Sorry I bothered your life.” And with that, Celeste turned on her heal and left James just standing there, in shock. She dropped her books and ran after he went back inside. Her insides hurt, in fact, everything hurt. She ran. Why did he want to know that? He is a bastard, that’s why. She ran. Trees, buildings, everything passed in a blur as she ran. Run. Run. Run. Her sides began to cramp. She ran. The town started to end, but still she ran into the unknown, into the different, from the past, from the hurt, from the pain. She ran. She ran until she came to the edge of a lake, tears streaming steadily, everything hurting, sweaty, out of breath, and most of all, she became a heart broken girl.


Chapter Three: Out into the night


               The night grew dark. Stars covered the sky like a blanket from God, brightly lit away from the town lights. The glowing moonlight cast a soft glow over the lake, full and bright. Deep green grass became warm and cool at once, being soft and welcoming. The water in the lake shone in a deep blue, and the weeping willow under which a girl lay became a cover from outsiders. Besides the chirping from crickets, the night remained calm, mind the soft cry from the willow occupant. Celeste sat, crying happily, crying miserably, crying confused, crying exhausted. Being the best and worst day all in one, she sat, reflecting. Then she remembered something, today was her eighteenth birthday, and along with age came the fulfillment of the prophecy.        

               It was said when she was born that she would have to go on her own journey. A fortune-teller from Ireland who came and lived in Port Orange said this. Her mother was gullible for anything that might present hope, and if you paid a fortune-teller enough then you would get your wish, usually temporarily. That was until Mark came back into their lives after deserting them for four years. Back when the prophecy was made, the Irish were high into the super-natural, and every so often a fortune would be told that would happen. This was one of those times. To give you an exact copy of the fortune was impossible due to the fact that the teller was senile, drunk, and made absolutely no sense whatsoever. The only part that they all remembered was that ‘By the age of change, the girl will run into a new life and be taken to the darkest of places to bring the world unfounded hope’. You can see how it could mean many things. Some of those things might be irrelevant, unimportant, or whatnot. But one of those things is unconceivable, impossible, and accurate. It is the last thing that makes this journey so important. It is that one that will be recorded in these documents.  As Celeste sat, thinking of these things, something in the bushes caught her attention. It moved swift, graceful, and merciless. Celeste sat up, looking around for it, when she heard something approach her from above.

               “Hello, Celeste. We’ve been waiting for you.” And with that the thing swooped down and carried Celeste for the rest of the night. They flew over cities, farmland, and even oceans. No one spoke, for it would be too hard to hear due to the speed at which they were moving. They slowed to a stop in front of a large tomb-looking place. Celeste, unable to speak, looked to the creature for the first time. It was sickly white, yet surprisingly beautiful. A woman, that what she was, it was evident now that she looked at her. Her eyes were a piercing blue, yet terrifying all the same. Her mouth crimson red, like blood, and her teeth white with two long fangs painfully evident when she looked down at Celeste and smiled.

               “Welcome to Castle de Vampiers. We are in Ireland in case you were wondering.  I am known as Claudia, you can call me Callie. Come on, let’s go inside.”

               It was amazing, the castle.   High, stone walls; tapestries; paintings; armor and swards. It was filled with a hundred and forty-six bed rooms, seven dining rooms, plenty of other rooms which Celeste had no idea what they could possible be for. It was huge, but most amazingly it was beautiful. It could keep a person entranced for decades and they would never tire of it. Callie gave the ‘five-dollar tour’, which showed her room, the whole of the west and north wings, half of the south wing, the great hall, and the grounds. The grounds were filled with lush greenery and constant rolling hills. Trees filled it, and in front of Celeste’s window lay a Weeping Willow, grew just for her. After such excitement, Celeste simply passed out from exhaustion, and Callie took her up to her suite.



Chapter Four: Hope in lost places

It seemed strange to Celeste that everything happened so
fast, and why she never objected. She figured that she was in such
shock and relieved that she could get away from the pains that
plagued her life. She sat up, than fell back as a wave of massive
headaches came upon her.
“Aw, shit!” She pressed her hand to her head. The door
opened slowly, and Celeste looked over to see a woman, the same as
the night before, Callie.
“Hello, Celeste, I hope I didn’t scare you last night. I
never did explain all of this. This is, as I said, Castle de
Vampiers. The name suggests vampire, that is true, but we also have
resident werewolves, warlocks, wizards, sorcerers, and a banshee.
You, being the only mortal, would do well not to upset some of us
too much.” Callie came and sat at the foot of Celeste’s bed. “Any
Celeste just gave her a look that could be read as ‘are you
really that ignorant?’ And Celeste just fell back and asked, “Why?”
“I won’t tell you that right now, you’ll figure it out soon
enough. Now, as for that headache of yours, go down the hall, third
door on your right. You’re at the end of the hall so it shouldn’t be
hard to find your way back. In the room you’ll find Merlock, one of
the wizards. Kindest of the bunch if you ask me. He’ll get rid of
that headache in a jiffy. Dinner is a
; don’t be late. I won’t
be there, no need. Enjoy!” And with that she got up and left within
mere seconds.  Celeste, still trying to absorb what was happening,
decided to take, what was her name? Callie, that’s it, her advice.
Slowly as to not aggravate the headache, Celeste stood up and walked
out of the room. ‘One, two, three. This is it, my god I hope he can
get rid of the damn headache.’ She knocked, and an old man answered.
His beard went past his knees, pearly white. His mustache neatly
trimmed just above his upper lip, which was a light pinkish, quite
visible against the white hair surrounding them. His eyes were blue,
not the usual light boyish blue, but more like deep ocean blue that
seemed to just go on forever. A long and crooked nose, seemingly
broken quite a few times, and just a warm welcoming look resounded
from the old coot. He smiled when he looked at Celeste, and welcomed
her in with a gesture and without a word. She stepped in and a chair
appeared and she sat in it.
“Celeste, is it?”
She nodded. “Um, Merlock? Callie said that you would help me
get rid of my headache.”
“So she did. Don’t worry, it’ll be…Gone!” The headache
vanished from her and for the first time in hours, Celeste could
fully think. All the thoughts that should have been going through
her head suddenly became apparent.
“Would you mind explaining all of this to me? I mean my
father abused me the night my boyfriend cheated on me James broke up
with me I walked out of class which I never do I ran away I was out
at night someone came and I was moving so fast that I got sick and…
and…oh my lord what is going on?” Celeste fell to her knees and
began to weep again after her hysteric ramble. Merlock didn’t know
what to do exactly, he wasn’t used to teenage girl hormones. He
patted her on her head awkwardly and just waited for her to calm
down. This, however, never happened because soon Celeste passed out
from lack of oxygen. Merlock took her back to her room and left
thinking, ‘I’m going to have to talk to Claudia about her methods.
This poor girl has been to hell and back!’

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Chapter One: Home
"Home" by Three Days Grace