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HP Fan Fiction and Other Stories by Voz

Getting Drunk
Death At The Door
Meet Me
Till Death Do Us Part
Getting Drunk

Summeries...I think I'll just have you read the story.

Chapter One


Irish Dragon Pub and the Morning After


[Set about a year or two after graduation. Voldemort’s not yet defeated.]


“There ya go, one last book to put up annnnnnd…..finished!” Hermione Granger jumped down form the ladder in her library and did a small victory dance. She had been working on putting all of her books (and there was a fair few) up on the shelves. ‘Victory deserves a celebration, and Shamus just opened up a wizard’s pub not to far from here. Maybe I’ll just a small drink and say hey.’ She apperated to the pub and picked a spot next to a cloaked man she couldn’t make out too well. She ordered a beer and talked to the bartender there, Colin Creevy. As she was talking to him the man next to her asked if she wanted another beer, seeing as she had finished her current one, and being daring for once, Hermione said yes. To more then just a beer.


            Severus Snape had a fair few problems up his sleeve. One was that he was discovered, and had quit spying, and another was that Dumbledore was pressuring him to start to date again, let out his true self. Severus had to agree, though, he was sick of acting mean and uncaring. For most things; he still hated things that were too cheery. One day in May, Albus gave him some money and told him to go to a new pub and try to meet a few people. This was an offer that Severus took up. He didn’t mind pubs, usually if you covered yourself enough then the people would simply leave you alone. That was what he wanted, solitude. So, at about nine or ten one evening, Seveus dressed in a cloak and floo’ed to the Irish Dragon pub in London. For a few hours he sat alone, had a Whisky or two, and then a woman sat next to him. He started to watch her. She was talking to the bartender, telling him about the University she went to and how she was celebrating getting all of her books (which was, apparently, a good amount) put up. Then it hit him, he knew her! This was Hermione Granger, former student two years ago. He had put in a good word for her in the potions department for her university and hasn’t heard what she is doing.

            ‘Excuse me, Miss, would you like another beer? It seems yours is about out.’

            She looked at him, trying to see where she had seen him before. But, alas, that was impossible due to the fact that she had just had a beer and she knew too many people.

            “Yeah, sure, thanks.” And she smiled at him.

            The rest of the night neither of them remember, just the fact that they were happy and themselves in a long, long time.  


            The Next Morning


Sun shone through the bedroom window. Hermione Granger felt it and woke up to a blasting headache and something warm next to her. She opened her eyes and closed them again. It was her professor, no, not professor, ex-professor. No. No. No, she could not be in the same bed, and from the feel of it, naked with her ex-professor! Just then he started to wake up and did the same thing that she did. He and Hermione jumped to the other sides of the bed and started to apologies for what they could not remember. Hermione picked up the closest shirt to her and put it on. It was Severus’s shirt, but she didn’t care and she just ran to the bathroom. Severus put on the rest of his clothes and waited for Hermione to return with his shirt. While he waited he looked around. The room was painted in a dark crimson with black floor boards. The four poster bed was in a black flannel with gray outlining of roses. The floor was tiled in a marbled-gray color. Overall it seemed dark and Victorian. When he saw the huge shelf on the opposite wall full of potion books he realized that he was in Hermione’s room, and the course that she had taken in the University.

            ‘Wow, she is most defiantly not your typical Griffindor. I guess that it’s the fiery courage that got her in there.’ Severus chuckled softly as a piece of his hair fell from behind his ear. As he reached to brush it bach he noticed a glimmer on his finger. He paused, not wanting to think of the possibility; he looked down and saw a gold ring with inscription on it. When he took a closer look, he read,

            I, Severus Snape, take thee, Hermione Granger, to be my magically wedded wife.’

            Severus read this and though only two words, ‘Oh Shit!’

            Just then, Hermione came out holding his shirt in her hand. She eyed him and handed him the shirt.

            ‘Guessing from the look on your face you just found the ring. I did a test, its real alright.’ 

            They were married. Magically. Forever.

            ‘God, I’ll never drink again.’


Disclainer: I do not own the charactors previously found in Harry Potter BOOKS. I do, however, own the current plot and any future charactors. The backstory I do NOT own. That belongs to J.K. Rowling.
Disclaimer: I do not own any Harry Potter characters previously reconized in the official books. I DO own, however, the vampires, plot line, etc.
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Songs used:
Chapter One: Home
"Home" by Three Days Grace